2005 Hayabusa

Hayabusa 100% Stock Form

Now Current Mods:

Yosh Full Exhaust System * Custom Can *
Ivans TRE
Re-Mapped Computer
Puig Double Bubble Shield
Modified Air Box
BMC Race Filter
Removed Smog Controls
Crank Case Evacuation System
41 Tooth Rear Sprocket
16 Tooth Front Sprocket
2 Short - 2 Long Velocity Stacks
Carrozzeria Rims
High Output Head Light
Moto-Tek UnderTail
Extreme Graphics Hugger
Race Ready Painted Panels
Race Ready Painted Mirrors
Tobin Seat
Fairing Grills
Galfer Brake Lines (Front & Rear)
Galfer Rear Wave Rotor
Galfer Front Wave Rotors
2 Tone Painted Front Fender (Scott Juergens)
Speed O-Healer

No Need To Ask... Yea It's FAST !!

Future Mods:

Yosh Stage 1 Cams (Winter)
Forged Light Weight Polished Rims (Done)

Parts Review:

Yosh System is great, high quality excellent fit and finish. I had a Muzzy on my Kaw and you can see where Yosh went the extra mile when designing the complete exhaust system. Not saying anything bad about the Muzzy but the Yosh has crossover connects for mid-range torque and polished from head to toe. The Bling tip as a little extra to a already great sounding and performing exhaust.

Ivans TRE: Removes the top speed limiter which I will never see but did give me advance timing in the lower gears, what you will notice is a snapper throttle response, worth the money and about 30 seconds to install.

Puig Double Bubble: Another great quaility part, great finish and fit. Had a Zero Gravity it was fine but I could not describe it as great. You can't go wrong with the PUIG, plus you can read the gauges where for me I had a hard time because of the angle of the factory shield and being almost 5'11.

Re-Mapped Computer: Allot of riders go with a PCIII box, but my tuner has a device to remap the factory computer and has a program that is awe sum. I have NO flat spots, NO back fires, in any gear, I put 50 miles on it the day I picked it up, looking for some type of flat spot or hard starting and there is nothing just POWER.

Modified Air Box: When you take your airbox off the bike you can see even at wide open throttle there is allot of room to get more air into the bike, you will want to do this mod if your doing a full exhaust or even slip ons because you can get allot more air into the bike. More in.. more out.. more power. You will need to re-map or put a computer on it after doing this mod.

Moto-Tek UnderTail: Takes some work, not something you will do in 1 hour, the directions are straight forward and you do loose some storage area, so you will want to do the hump mod to get some storage back. The quaility and looks are well worth it.

Extreme Graphics Hugger: Very simple to install no drilling, color matches 100%, very happy with this product. Does protect the under tail so I think it goes hand and hand.

Race Ready Painted Panels: WOW the paint quality and finish looks like it came from the factory, what a difference it makes instead of those cheap looking ugly black panels that came on the bike. Not sure why the factory doesn't do something like that. But who needs it when you have William at Race Ready. After receiving the panels I showed them to a buddy that does car painting and he looked at them from every angle, and said "This guy knows what he is doing" This is a great MOD for looks.
See his bike and what he can do for you at http://www.raceready.us

Tobin Seat: Another WOW this guy is in PA and you send him your stock seat and get back another work of art... but not just looks but your ass has something to lean up against when your doing Mach 1. Great addition to the Mod list.

43 Tooth Sprocket: Hold on when you twisted the throttle, pulls like a freight train well past 150mph, still getting 38 to 39 mpg with all the mods and every ride I see RED line or triple digits on the Speedo. ( Of course your mileage may vary )

Fairing Grills: Simple MOD easy to install, already pre bent just glue on, nice touch to the bike.

Galfer Brake Lines: Never had a problem with stock hoses but for sure will not have problems with Gafler Steel lines. First mod I have done to all my bikes is steel brake lines.

Speed O-Healer: Does what it is suppose to do, fixes your wrong speedometer reading, especially when you change gears. Easy instructions for calibration another thumbs up.

Of course the above is just my opinion and you know what they say about opinions, but allot of people have emailed me or sent me a PM so I thought I would put it out there for all to read.

Also another great side for ideas and parts for the busa is:

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Last modified on Sunday, April 30, 2006